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Native Seeds 

is proudly Aboriginal owned and operated. 

All work undertaken and delivered is underpinned by Cultural Excellence. We adhere to the Ancient Dreaming values of Spirit Lore which include Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility & Truth.

Native Seeds

Professional Aboriginal genealogist specialising in Aboriginal family finding and genealogies. 

Qualified Family Group Conference facilitator

Aboriginal Out of Home Care Cultural plans

Life Story Work


Genealogy & Cultural Reconnection

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Our Services

Native Seeds provides highly experienced, skilled & professional Aboriginal services across 7 areas of expertise. All our services adhere to culturally safe principles & are trauma informed & strength focused 

Native Seeds specialises in working with Aboriginal children, young people and their families who are either currently in the child protection system, are Aboriginal adults who have aged out from the Out-Of-Home-Care system, or are previous State Wards or Stolen Generation survivors. Native Seeds passion and core work assists Aboriginal people who were removed and who have remained disconnected or who have become lost from their families of origin and their Aboriginal mobs. Native Seeds expertise is the Journey of Reconnection.

Aboriginal Family Research

Family Finding

Family Group Conferencing

Life Story Work

Aboriginal Kinship Assessments

Aboriginal Cultural Plans

Reconnection and the Journey of Identity, Healing & Wellness


Aboriginal Family Research

Professional Aboriginal Genealogical services. Qualified and highly experienced Aboriginal genealogist. Working with clients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Specialising in Aboriginal Family Research and Family Mapping. 13 years of experience working with children & families in the foster care & out -of-home-care systems to assist in locating cultural backgrounds and kin connections.

Our Clients

Native Seeds is a budding and growing self owned business, our clientele continues to grow.

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Numerious Private Clients

Australian Aboriginal Consultant


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