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Payment Plans Available


I offer tailored payment plans to suit your needs and finances, contact me to discuss your options.


Fee Structure


My fee structure is transparent.  Please be assured that as a matter of principle, I never incur additional charges without clearing this with you in advance.  To avoid being charged for duplicate work, please provide whatever information you already have on the individual or family to be researched. This include births, deaths and marriage certificates,  known places of residence, sibling information, etc.


Full research projects

Basic History: $880 (inclusive)

Genealogical research of one parent and one grandparent line tracing 1-4 generations (2-6 surnames). 

(Includes $80 allocated to purchasing certificates.)

Intermediate: $1500 (inclusive)

Genealogical research of either father’s or mother’s side of the family, i.e. one parent and both grandparents

(2-12 surnames). (Includes $150 allocated to purchasing  certificates.)

Full history: $3000 (inclusive)

The genealogical research of both your father’s and mother’s family tree i.e. starting with both sets of grandparents.

(Includes $200 allocated to purchase of certificates.)

Convict research project 


Research and compile report on an individual convict's history from the time of arrest to freedom or death in the colony, whichever is the earlier.

Pioneer research project 


Research and compile report on an individual pioneer history from the time of them embarking, their travel to the colony where records are available and  up to their death in the colony or elsewhere.

Military research project


$40 per hour - Minimum 3 hours

Research and compile report on an individual's military service from the time of enlistment to discharge. Includes details of awards and medals. 

Tailored family history research plans for DIY research


$110 General          $150 Topic specific       

Many people prefer to do their own family history research.  A good research plan with a list of recommended sources  (both online and offline) will get you started quickly, help you progress to the next stage or assist you in one specialist area such as finding records for a convict ancestor. 

I will work with you to define the research problem, determine what you already know, then develop a research plan for you to implement yourself at your own pace and in your own time. This is a good option whether you're just starting out (the General plan) or want to focus on a particular area of research e.g. a military ancestor (the Topic Specific plan).  

Record search/local look-up

$25 for a single record retrieval where you have the precise reference.

$25 plus $40 per hour research where the reference is unknown.

Price includes scanned and emailed document images if permissible.  Otherwise a transcription will be provided. Record depositories include the:

  • Australian War Memorial

  • National Archives of Australia

  • National Library of Australia

  • ACT Government Births Deaths and Marriages


Cemetery Looks Ups

Looking for an ancestors grave or headstone?

$40 per hour - petrol costs inclusive

$20 per grave headstone rubbing

I will travel to the site and photograph

100km radius of ACT (further will incur additional costs)

Freelance writing


Ancestor profiles, articles, books based on your research

$40 per hour.

Following an analysis of your needs and the information you want turned into a written product a free written estimate will be provided.

Confirmation of Aboriginality

For people wishing to apply for a Certificate of Aboriginality (COA) you will need to apply for these through your Aboriginal Nations, Lands Council or Corporation. When you apply you need to provide the organization with your family linage as proof of your  Aboriginal connections both to your Aboriginal family and to that Nation. COA's are high controversial and should never be taken lightly. I do not take this issue lightly and will only provide a support letter here I am 100% confident that your

If I have helped to establish your Aboriginal connection I will be happy to provide a letter of support stating those connections. however please note that in applying for a COA you have to satisfy some very important criteria. To not satisfy these criteria an to not provide adequate family connections while applying is illegal.

                       The three criteria are:

                                                          •being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent

                                                         •identifying as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person

                                                        •being accepted as such by the community in which you live, or formerly lived.

$50 to provide a letter of supporting evidence ONLY when and where I believe the above criteria and family research supports the application.

Getting started in family history research


This 2.5 hour session is conducted in the comfort of your own home and covers:

  • The basics of family history;

  • Essential online databases for beginners;

  • Free family history resources in the A.C.T. or your region of interest;

  • Where to next.

What you will need:  a computer connected to the internet and a notebook and pen if you like to take notes.  Rest assured though that I will provide you with notes covering all the major points we discuss. It will also be helpful to gather any  information and documents you have before hand.  We will use or refer to them during the module.

Hands on commercial database tutorial

$80 per module  or  $150 for two modules  or  $210 for three modules

Few people conducting family history research do so without using one or more of the major commercial databases on the internet.  These two hour training modules will either get you started or improve your efficiency in using the world's biggest online commercial (i.e. pay to view) resources.  

  • Introduction to Ancestry  

  • Introduction to FindMyPast

  • Introduction to FamilySearch

  • Efficient searching of Ancestry

  • Efficient searching in FindMyPast

What you will need:  a laptop or desktop computer connected to the internet.

Searching Australian newspapers online in Trove


Trove is a key resource for family historians researching Australian relatives. Yet many people do not find it immediately intuitive to use.  In an hour I will have you up and running using this essential (and free) online resource.

What you will need:  a laptop or desktop computer connected to the internet.


Important note

Ipads, tablets and mobile phones are not suitable devices for this type of one-to-one training.

Oral Histories

$40 per hour - minimum 4 hours

Conducting an oral history interview involves the skill of asking the right questions, the art of careful listening and the ability to accurately transcribe the interview for a readable document to accompany the audio file. It also requires the art of gently bringing the person back if they wander off topic.

In oral histories – particularly those related to family history – questions tend to be quite personal with the interviewer asking more personal and sometimes probing questions about somebody’s intimate past. You can be sure I will do this with great respect and sensitivity.

What you can expect:  

  • An initial consultation about the individual being interviewed and the topic.

  • Researching and developing relevant questions.

  • Forwarding you the list of questions before hand (optional if you prefer not to know in advance). 

  • A copy of Oral History Australia - Guidelines of Ethical Practice.

  • A consent form requesting the individual's permission to conduct the interview.

  • An interview at your desired location with the individual.

  • An audio file of the interview.

  • A transcription of the interview. (Fortunately I'm a fast and very competent typist.)

  • Audio and transcription files emailed to you unless they prove too big in which case they will be provided on a thumb drive (at an additional cost of $15 including postage).

Organising and documenting your family information in a database or timeline

$40 per hour

Some clients have inherited a treasure trove of family history information and artefacts and they don’t have the time, inclination or skills to organise and document it.  Yet neither do they want to just throw it away and are looking for someone to do the hard yards for them. I would be delighted to help you with this important project.

** Please note that as a fee comparison genealogy research starts with 30 hours charged at $173 AUD an hour


PLEASE....Keep In Mind


The Hunt is Real

Please keep in mind that what you are buying isn’t a straightforward product. Sometimes for a variety of reasons (record loss, privacy laws, and other restrictions), the answers are legitimately not available despite a genealogist's best efforts.


The Hunt is Real

I cannot guarantee I will locate  specific information, but you have my pledge that I will use paid time efficiently and effectively while searching for information in the best way possible. 


The Hunt is Real

I use The Genealogical Proof Standard so you can be sure the research is well documented and authenticated.  As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists I am bound to operate within their Code of Ethics and Professional Practices.

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